Boobs don't feel like the size I'm told they are help?

Hey have a question

i'm a teenager and my breasts are around the sizee of like a grapefruit or a pomegranite i guess, i don't know

i've looked up multiple calculators and charts on official websites

and they keep telling me i'm an e cup?

i don't think i am, so i'm just super super super confused... can someone help?


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  • Be content with what you have

    • Thank You For MHO

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  • Girl, firstly, don't use online to tell you, especially with different countries and all that. Secondly, those two fruits are vastly different sizes! ha.
    Thirdly, go to a bra shop and get fitted if you aren't comfortable with being top off in front of them (I wasn't), wear a light singlet, or they can guess your size, you try on the bra and they adjust from there until you get one that fits.

    Sometimes the cup can seem wrong to us, I am an E-F myself and sometimes I look at the and swear I'm seeing Bs or something. It's just our own perception.

    • sorry i'm not really good at this

      i can't go to a bra shop, i don't have access :(

      But thank u ur advice is still helpful

    • Oh really? That's no good. Well, if it says E and you have done calculations/measured yourself, then just go with that.
      If you're looking to buy a bra online, perhaps don't buy an expensive good quality one, get a cheap one to try on for size. Different shops will vary slightly in size though, it's why shopping online isn't the best (unless you know that specific shop fits you).

    • okay thank you!

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  • Why don't you go and get professionally sized? That will erase all doubts as to your size.

    • i can't :( i don't have access

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    • This is a really helpful website. Basically you subtract band from bust and the difference tells you cup size.

    • okay thanks so much!! <3

  • Measure yourself. There are even videos online to show you how to do it right. You measure the fullest part of your bust (thats your cup) and then under your bust (that will be your band size) say the fullest part of your bust measures out to 38 and under its 34 that means you are a 34 D (random example)

    • so if my bust is 35 1/2 and my band is 29 1/2 what am I?

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    • oh okay!!! thanks so much1

    • No problem