so no guys like ever. it sucks so guys- what am I missing?

I'm a bit chubby (not fat) and have a lot of freckles . my basic outfit is skinny jeans, band Ts, and a sweatshirt I guess. my friends tell me to wear cleavage shirts every once in a while because "i have the big lady parts for that" , so I do. uuuh blue eyes, short light brown hair about shoulder length, and side bangs << appearance

i love thrill- so like horror movies and roller coasters. I like green day, the killers, panic at the disco, and Dave days. I do have guy friends but there more like buddies or brothers who do help me in situations where I like a guy. I guess I'm more of a tom boy-- << personality

SO guys what do you think. honestly WHAT DO I CHANGE?


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  • Hmmmmmmmmm...

    I guess the problem is that you seem hot to me but I can see how and why someone else wouldn't think so. The problem is, I can't really tell you what to do differently since you've got most of my preferences. I wouldn't sacrifice your style though since I'd gather that you'd be more likely to attract the kinds of guys you like with your current emo/scene/whatever style.

    Your personality seems fine though again I can see how others wouldn't like it. Especially the stalking part. I might find it somewhat cute, but it can really creep people out. As a general rule, you should work on being less clingy overall.

    "so no guys like ever." - That kind of attitude... makes it hard for guys to get close to you. Because if a guy does like you, it's basically like saying he doesn't matter. Also, it just sounds obnoxious. You don't want to be a drama queen. It's a total turn off. Know what you're doing and keep your emotions under your control.

    Oh, and don't get overwhelmed when you like a guy. You seem like the type that might. Make sure you don't end up completely falling for a guy until you're sure he likes you back.


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  • u don't change anything escept maybe be more out there if you see a guy you like go up to him and start tlking to him maybe he will start likeing you back cause my ex girlfriend was kinda like you well it seems that way from what you telling us.

    one day I was walking and she just kinda grabbed my arm and told me I'm her new best friend lol it was so funny and out there we ended up together for 6 months

  • Don't change anything. Why would you want a guy and not be able to be yourself? If you're not being approached then try to approach guys. Someone will like you for you.


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