He looks then looks away?

so this guy I have a crush on always looks at me and then when I look at him he looks away

idk if he knows that I have a crush on him

i have a feeling he does but idk

why does he look away every time I look at him?


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  • Bit creepy if he justs stares at you none stop...


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  • he defo likes you but he is to shy to hold the gaze. you should defo approach him & talk to him in private...tell him that you like him. the reason I know this is that I am exactly like that guy with a girl I like.

    • P.S. also, this might sound like a weird question but what is the guys name?

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  • LOL some guys have a hard time expressing themselves. I remember the one that I had a crush on would do that to me I would see him staring me down from the corner of my eye but when I look at him he turns away. I think he's being shy just wanting to check you out on the low. But its a good thing if he is looking.

  • He is probably just really shy and doesn't know how to exactly approach the situation when you see him looking at you. Giv eit time, and try talking to him or something.

    He probably wants you to notice that as well

    • Its been like 4 months tho, like all he does is look at me

      but I have this feeling where he doesn't even liek me at all, so that's why I wonder why he would even look at me and then look away and act liek he doesn't notice me

    • Well, quit guessing and approach him and talk to him instead of playing staring games for 4 months wow that's a long time

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