Why does he look at me?

There's this one very athletic also very attractive guy who Tried out for track and field he was in sprinting and jumping events and well me I was in shot put. Anyways I was inside the gym when I noticed him starring at me and at first I was like wow he noticed me. Then I noticed that he was starring at me pretty hard to the point were he was turning his head to look at me, Even when I booked him he never looked away.

This isn't the first time this has happened with me and him. This has also occurred in the cafeteria and he used to stop by my art class the last time he did it he stopped in front of me and smiled at me, but stupid me I started to giggle. When he left I laughed my ass off with my friends (I know it was wrong). I guess what I'm trying to ask is why is he starring at me.

well my friends say that I should get to the bottom of this and talk to him but well I have no idea how or when to do it. please I need some help on this, cause every time I do it I always screw up and talk about things that don't leave a good impression


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  • He is a creeper/stalker...or he likes you maybe flirt or talk to him if you like him huh...


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  • The eyes never lie, physical

    attraction is something that can't be hidden gut or girl.

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