Which hairstyle do you find appealing ?

Hey chicas, I'm looking for a change in ma hairstyle, tell me which hairstyle on men do you find the most attractive ?


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  • the one where it looks like he literally rolled out of bed and didn't give a flying f***. now that's my kind of man . sexyyy. just as long as its not hair longer than mine doing that hahaha cause then that would look ratty.

    • K I'm gettin tht then !!

    • Lol easiest one. its sexy bed hair, the kind I can run my fingers thru ;) LOL thank you for BEST ANSWER:d:d:d ;)

    • I tried the 'literally rolled outta bed' hairstyle, and it ws a hit among the ladies, shall post the pic soon. Thanks!!!

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  • well it depends what looks good on your face.

    but I prefer short hair. :) like not buzzed but just barely buzzed. if that makes sense.

  • short close cropped hair


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