Guys, (Extreme) Hey guys~ Which girl would you flock after? 100% Natural (or) 100% Unnatural?

Natural Women : Curly/Wavey natural *Un-heat straightened/curled* hair without any makeup and/or alterations of the face. (No heat & No makeup)
(fyi: I know some women have straight hair as their natural look, but the 'majority' of women hide straighteners in their closets as if it were a skeleton. *trust meii* x-x)


Unnatural Women : Straightened/curled hair w/ heat, loads of makeup, fake eyelashes, the whole nine yards. (Heat & Makeup)

((This is all not just for "Special occasions" this is also for general over all looks. Basically, would you like a girl spending hours upon hours in the mirror getting ready; making sure everything is just right, or someone who just gets out of bed, pulls the scrunchy from their hair *flicks* and is ready to go? #iwokeuplikethis. xD

((This is to the extreme, so that means there is no in between. Just pick one ~ ^-^ 100% Natural, or 100% unnatural))

  • Natural Women (No heat / Makeup)
    90% (9)
  • Unnatural Women (Heat / Makeup
    10% (1)
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Oops, meant for A. Natural Women to be: Natural Women (No heat / No Makeup) Not: Natural Women (No heat / Makeup)


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  • These "women" look like straight up dudes.

    • Lol well one has boobs and the other has no 'Adam's apple' so I guess they're both women. ^-^ And if not, who cares. I'm sure there is some gay men out there too who'd be picking with their lover in mind. You just pick for you and what you have in your own head, not just these two pictures lol.~

    • Are you trolling me right now?

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