How would you describe my personal style?

I spent a lot of my life being who I thought people wanted me to be, so now I'm trying to find myself. I think a big part of being myself is having the courage to express who I am, and I think fashion is a good way to do that. Except, I don't really know what my style is, or what I should buy.

As far as my personality, I'm introverted, emotional, and artistic. As far as colors I connect with, I like deep or greenish blues, black and greys, orangish pinks and dark reds, and beige or cream. As far as pieces I already know I connect with, I like choker necklaces, lace, converse shoes with everything, denim anything (especially overalls), and muscle shirts.

How would you describe my style? And what pieces would you recommend I try?


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  • Just do whatever you want
    I mean wear whatever feels comfortable and good
    Your style sounds fine to me
    Kinda tomboyish


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  • I agree with others - Might be tomboyish


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  • It your style girl. you should try leather jackets and coloured or printed jeans