Does the African American community set fashion for the rest of us?

My professor in class today made a statement that fashion has always been dictated by the African American community, and everyone else just follow along.
Is this true? How do you feel about this?


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  • Not true.
    It probably was in the 90's and maybe even early 2000's, but today? No.


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  • It most certainly feels that way to us. Whenever something new emerges like fashion, slang, a form of music, etc black people have been doing that. For example, "Boxer braids" are trending right now and Kylie Jenner has been credited for for them, but in reality cornrows have existed for centuries and have been worn by Black people since when we were still in our native countries in Africa.


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  • I think a lot of fashion today is European based. From what I can tell anyways. In the past maybe.


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