Girls, Guys shaving their body : Coolish or Foolish?

Guys who shave everywhere because they are way excess hairy than an average man.
Do you like it shaved , everything?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally, yes. Face-wise, I like it when men have a little bit of stubble, but not a full-on beard. Everywhere else, not a fan of hair. Regardless, a man being a little hairy is fine. Shaved or not shaved, it's fine. Over all, it doesn't matter though.

    So my vote is coolish.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't like when guys shave there legs and arms. For chest hair a bit of trim is okay same with pubic hair.

    • How about fully shaven chest and abs?
      And what's wrong in shaving the arms and legs?

    • It's the guy who desibe what to do with his body hair. It okay if he shaves his chest. Also about shaving legs and arms. But I prefer hair in those places

  • I hate when guys shave. Hair looks good. My boyfriends Greek and his body hair is such a turn on

    • How hairy is you Greek boyfriend?
      Just hairy or very hairy everywhere?
      Because there is a difference between being good normal hairy and excessive hairy, while former can be tolerated by some women the latter is icky messy and ugly

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    • Yes. All over. I just like it. Guys with no hair remind me of little boys lol

    • Don't you think having that much of excess hairiness is bit creepy, messy, beastly and aesthetically unappealing and feels bad to look and touch as well especially on hot sweaty summer days when hair is really coarse and dense?
      You "like" excess hairy belly , shoulders, back and thighs?
      Hiw about chest hair carpet peeking out of shirt button?