Girls, Bodysuits?

Are bodysuits making a come back?

Latley all the big fashion stores are stocking more and more

Have you ever worn a bodysuit?
Why did you wear it?
Was it comfortable?
Was it a full back or thong?
What did you wear it with?

Yess I have fallen prey to the fashion industry and worn them

I tried them out of curiosity

Very comfortable stays in place and you don't need to wear a bra

It was a thong back

I wore it clubbing with just leggings


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What Girls Said 2

  • I do love me a good bodysuit. I have about 3 or 4 in my wardrobe, and I love to wear them with my skinny jeans.

    I like how tight fitting they are, they really flatter a figure.

    Yes they are very comfortable and I have mostly full back bodysuits. It can be difficult to wee if you don't buy the bodysuits with the popper buttons on the bottom, you have to like get completely naked. But yeah, I love them!!

  • They are like baby onesies... I don't like them lol

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