How can I get rid of my body hair easily? I absolutely hate it?

Please don't just say "wax it" I can't! The hairs on my thighs and even my buttocks and face are fine hair so it's not easy to wax it because it's such thin hair, the wax doesn't pick it all up. It's prickly and visible.
I've tried epilation but it takes forever and it usually leaves red bumps and ingrown hairs.
Shaving looks ugly because I still get black dots left behind and after 24 hours the prickles are back.
i can't stand feeling all prickly and looking ugly because of my body hair :( I've got dark hair so it's noticeable, I just want to have smooth skin, I really don't want the hair but it's so hard to get rid of in a simple way that lasts.
Does anyone have any lasting methods of fine body hair removal that isn't a complete pain in the ass, am I doing what I've already tried the wrong way?
(I can't afford laser either!)


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  • Smooth skin, hairless body, Waxing, Body hair is ugly, girl seriously what is wrong with you? Either you have been watching too many television these days and become a sheep for the Media to manipulate you an tell you that your body should be hairless, thats how us men desire it, it should be trimmed perfectly, otherwise you ain't beautiful, you should have a flat stomach, probably a body of a girl who workouts and is on the peak 247/7.

    Long story short, learn to live with yourself, every person on this earth is unique, I understand if you have a disability or something and you want to change that, but this hair thing is absurd (in my opinion of course), it's HAIR dammit, as long as you live it would keep growing, its natural, those million dollar products company want you to believe that you should have a hairless body otherwise your not desired, if every girl woke up in the morning and said to herself "I am beautiful and don't need these products to make myself look better for others" is the day these companies would start to shut down, they don't want this to happen, so they have to make sure that they lull you into buying there products by making you feel insecure about yourself.

    This is my opinion on the matter, you can decide whats the best for you.

    • But it feels horrible when I touch it, it's not because I want to look perfect because of the media etc, but because it makes me feel ugly and my skin feels prickly and disgusting. I don't like having dark, rough body hair

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  • Its called strawberry legs.. after you shave your not closing your pores and the air hits your pores causing the black spots... try exfoliating and try the sugar scrub its on Pinterest it helps... over seas women use turmeric and other methods to break hair down at the follicles... im not sure how long it lasts tho... im unsure if there is actual permanent hair removal without laser


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  • Have you tried Nair? I personally wasn't impressed with it, but I know people who love it. It might work for you and they have one for sensitive skin too.

  • Do you exfoliate?

    • Kinda, I use an exfoliating glove on my face every week to get rid of dead skin, etc. I also use body scrub sometimes. But I'm not 100% sure how you're meant to exfoliate on the body correctly to prevent ingrown hairs and stuff

    • Exfoliate three times a week the ingrown hair can be because of a thick layer of dead skin. You can simple put sugar on your shower gel and use it as an exfoliator. I know you said you have pretty thin hair but try to exfoliate and then wax