I just don't get it?

I get all of these beautiful girls numbers, and then when I just even text them ,"yo what's up?" they don't text me back. I'm a decent looking guy, funny charming but when I text a girl I'm interested I never get a text back. Now it is safe to assume they are automatically rejecting me right off the start. Right? I possibly don't know what I'm doing wrong to not even get a text back saying hello.

And how long should I wait until after I get her phone number to text her or does that not matter?


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  • "yo what's up" there's your problem right there...I don't know what kind of girls you're into or what your style is but for me, that's an instant ignore lol. And like kapowow said, they probably just don't remember you so try another approach like maybe re-introducing yourself, ask them how they are? It's not much but I bet you'll probably get a lot more responses from that than "yo what's up"

    • Haha ok I will try that next time. thanks for the advice

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  • That's kind of a boring question. Especially since they might not even remember who you are.

  • i don't like when guys text me what's up it seems like they only do it when they're bored and they could be sending that mass text to like 4 girls at a time. try to txt back in a timely manner and make it more personally. use her name in it and ask her how she is doing


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