Does anyone else here have thick, but fine hair?

What I mean by thick, but fine is high density (as in lots of hair), but thin strands. I seem to have a difficult time when trying to research advice on mine, because so many people associate fine with thin, and my hair is definitely not thin. Every time I've searched for tips for thick, but fine hair, I've either gotten advice for thin, fine hair or for thick, coarse hair, neither of which I have. It's so frustrating being a mix of the two!
It's confusing enough having this hair type since it has tendencies of both traditional thick/coarse and thin/fine hair types, and it seems like there is no advice out there, or even mention of my hair type.

Does anyone else here have this hair type, or am I a rarity?


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  • i have thick hair but its getting finer around the front of my head

    • Mine gets slightly thinner at the temples, but I think that is pretty common.
      My hair is fine in the fact that each individual strand is quite a bit thinner in circumference than a piece of thread. I have many hairs, but they are all tiny.