Makeover anyone?

So lately after ending a bad breakup, I'm in a need for a change, a makeover. I don't know exactly what i can do to give myself a makeover... I'm pretty vanilla when it comes to crazy makeovers. I believe Im fashionable... i have my own unique style. I do follow some trends but not all... i do work in retail so i have some type of fashion sense. I've always been pretty conservative for my age I don't know why but its comfort thing i guess. Perhaps change my style,... dress a bit sexy? I don't know. I've always worn glasses though and I'm thinking perhaps get some new oversized frames. Im not one who wears too much makeup... I'm simple just a bit to cover up my blotchy complexion and dark circles, i do use blush and chapstick and some days mascara. Perhaps i can learn to do my makeup? I don't think i want to change my black hair color though at least not yet. What can i do for a makeover?


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  • Perhaps switching to contacts? I've heard from past girlfriends that black hair is very difficult to change without stripping the hair itself. Just what I heard is all.. Good luck on your makeover!

    • Ok ill look into contacts. I don't necessarily feel comfortable without my glasses, but ill try it out. Exactly,... black hair is so hard to strip out and expensive. I can't strip my own hair, i would have to go see a professional hairstylist and I'm just not ready for that expense.

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    • She used it back in 2002 I believe, maybe 03'

    • Well I can't follow back until you follow first.. I'll accept the terms with a like to my original reply :)

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  • When I need a change I usually either dye my hair or get a piercing

    • Ok, ill keep that in mind. I've been wanting a piercing tho... i dont know if ill ever have the guts to get that special piercing.

  • Maybe you should try buying yourself some dresses and skirts.

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