Why would a girl turn her body away from you?

I've made what seems to be accidental eye contact with this really cute girl in the school cafeteria on numerous occasions. Like I would be walking back to my table and I'd look at and she will just so happen to turn and look at me at the same time.

But recently she moved from one side of the cafeteria to right in front of my table, then sat in her chair funny to where her back was almost facing me (imagine sitting sideways in a chair). She waited for her friends to arrive and kept sitting funny in the chair with her back facing me.

I've never seen her sit like this before, until after she moved close to me and turns her back to face me. Does this mean she thinks I"m so ridiculously ugly that she doesn't even want me to see her face?

Is this usually a sign that she thinks I'm checking her out, but she wants me to stop? lol?

I mean, usually a person does not sit in a chair sideways to where their back would face you, unless they are trying to avoid something?


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  • She probably thinks its awkward how many times you guys have made "accidental eye contact" and has decided to put a stop to it. It doesn't mean you're ugly or she doesn't think you're cute, it most likely means she doesn't know how to handle the continuous eye contact you guys keep having.

    • If it was that bothersome why did she sit in front of me? Girls make no sense. Why not move further away? Are men the only creatures with brains?

    • Well does her group of friends usually sit there?

      and to answer your question women have brains as well as men and this girl is messing with yours.

    • LOL the entire group moves to the other side of the room. I guess they thought I liked one of them and think I'm atrociously ugly?

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