Hairstyles for warm natured people?

okay b4 you laugh and say this question is stupid...hear me out okay?

living in the south it's always hot no matter what. well, another thing that sucks 4 me is that I am always warm natured (meaning my skin and body temp is always at a constant heat) well my hair is hard 2 style around this predicament. now I know some might say a pixie cut would do me fine, but my face is round and a pixie cut would only make it rounder. I just want some ideas for hairstyles that can work 4 a warm natured person like myself.


what sorta hairstyles can I do?

does anyone else have this problem?


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  • A bob would work great for your face shape.

    Just make sure that the stylist keeps it short at the back, then angles your sides towards your face bluntly, so you can tell it's a bob.

    They aren't hard to style, just a flat-iron will do and because of the heat you can use John Freida Frizz-Ease serum to combat frizz.

    Good luck.

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