Girls, red bra marks on shoulders and back, do they appear normally?

I've noticed on many pictures of erotic models they they have those marks, is it because they wear extra tight bras or that happens also you? I didn't think it was so tight around your body...


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  • A bra needs to be snug enough to stay up and support the weight of the breasts. Ideally the fully stretched length of the bra band should match a person's underbust measurement. For example my underbust is 29-30 inches so I wear a 30 band.

    Red marks from the band are normal as long as they are not causing pain and go away in less than an hour after taking the bra off. Some people might have indents on their shoulders as well if they have larger breasts since the straps are supposed to provide a little bit of support. Some people wear bands that are too large though and have therefore make their bands support too much of the breast weight. That's when you end up with shoulder pain and deep indents on the shoulders.

    • But in general do you feel it comfortable to wear? For example when you take a deep breath to you feel it closing around your ribs?

    • Much like the waist band of my pants or my shoes, I can definitely feel it there but it is not uncomfortable or bothersome. They were kind of annoying when I was in the wrong bra size because my straps fell down and my band moved around. In my modern size, almost never.

    • Today I was wearing a new pair of socks, and I notice now that I just removed them that they left more or less the same marks on my legs, they're itchy, but I didn't notice them the whole day. Probably it is the same with your bras...

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  • tight bras can cause this

  • It's normal. it has to be at least a bit tight - to hold it all up. otherwise - what's the point...

    • It must be really annoying to have it on the whole day!! Poor you!! :S