Girls, Why don't guys wear short dresses and expose body and skin?

Id it because male body is ugly and hence best when covered up under the clothes?
Men don't wear skirts and expose legs /knees/thighs.
Men don't wear shirt/tops that exposes lower belly and belly button.
Men wearing tank tops in offices and all is seen as weird and unappealing while women do it such elegantly.

It proves male body is uglier?

Heloooo girl


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  • Okay I can't speak on behalf as to why guys don't wear clothes above their knees however I can answer your other question.

    Guys stomachs and chest are just and weird and unappealing as any girls. Whether its fat, has, rolls, hairy, etc. Then there's the attractive stomaches, bellybuttons, and chests. Guys as well as girls that don't like they're bodies cover it up (and more often than girls guys show it off even if it's unattractive) but when they're body is attractive guys can show off their entire top half unlike girls we have to cover our chest unlike guys.

    • A guy can't go topless / in tank top /in shorts to the office or college while women easily go and they look beautiful as hell

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    • I'm done it's not worth it I've already said no one can wear it to the office not just guys but girls and guys will very well wear a tank to class. Look I don't know where you're from, what country, or culture you have but guys do wear tanks guys in hot areas wear tanks for instance Cali or places that are more "hood" like Chicago but it's no point in convincing you...

      So just continue to cover yourself up 👍
      P. S. Girls can't wear inappropriate shorts to an office maybe Hooters but not an office maybe a tight skirt that's too short but not shorts.

    • Ok ok

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  • Ummm, it just proves how different we are. It doesn't mean a man is ugly.

    • Why are men so different:(

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    • Hahaha why? what

    • I have proceeded all the info, and I have come to a conclusion. :)

  • Compared to girls, guys can walk around with no shirts on and it's fine. There are shorts for men, you just don't see them often, because they themselves don't find it good looking. I really don't know what your point is, but if you wanna wear a skirt then I'm fine with that..

  • Yes, the female body is more aesthetically pleasing than the male body.

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