What should I do to my hair?

So I, being the "can never make up my mind" type of person, dyed my hair about 7 different colors over 2 years (black, blonde, blue, purple, green, red, silver). It became super damaged so after I went red I dyed it black. I also keep cutting my hair because it grows unevenly but I want long hair again.. It is black with blonde underneath and my roots (chocolate brown) are coming in at about 3-4 inches now (I haven't kept up with them because I told myself I would stop dying my hair and get my natural color back but recently I dont know what to do with my hair). I need help with what to do as I have a couple things in mind. My hair is shoulder length at the moment, layered, and not in the best of health but not in the worst.

  • Dye it all black again
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  • Bleach the black and dye it as close as I can to my natural hair
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  • Cut off most of the black and let my natural hair color grow out
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  • You have enjoyed lots of color in your hair and that's nice, but sometimes it can be damaged for it. I suggest you to keep your natural color, now it's time for it.


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  • Go to a salon and tell them you're trying to get your hair back to its natural colour and they will colour it appropriately


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  • When you're in a hole the first rule is to stop digging. You're in a hole you've dug that is damaging your hair. Don't make the hole deeper by trying to "fix" the hole by dying your hair again. (That would be doing more digging.) Let your hair grow out in its natural color.

  • I would go C just it sounds like your hair needs a rest.


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