What do girls look for in guys?

What do you girls look for in a guy? I have no idea. I think I'm not the perfect guy for a girl.


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  • For me personally, I fall for a guy that actually shows he has some interest in me. He should initiate conversation and actually smile at me and look at me so that I know he's interested in what I'm saying. Sometimes it's hard to tell with guys, so a guy really putting some effort into looking at me and listening catches my eye.

    Like the other person who answered your question, I say looks are not the most important thing about a guy. More importantly, I would like a guy that likes me for me, isn't trying to make me change, can make me laugh, and is overall a kind and gentlemanly person. I'm sort of old-fashioned when it comes to dating, and I like a guy that will treat me with respect, not swear like a sailor around me, and doesn't spend his entire weekends drunk and partying. Opening doors for a lady is always a sweet gesture that doesn't go unappreciated. :)

    So basically overall, a nice, respectful guy that I have a lot in common with and is really easy to talk to. I hate those awkward pauses and silences in between conversations, so a natural flow is necessary.


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  • 1. a guy should have that special attractiveness that will get our attention... it doesn't have to be a particular look...me personally don't have any specific type of look. as long as you get my attention and stand out in a crowd, you're in my zone baby.

    2. a guy's warm million dollar smile wow.

    3. the way he carries himself - clothes, the way he talks, the way he walks, the way he is around people...

    4. best of all - his interest towards me... how he is around me, how he talks to me, how he cares for me and has all the time in the world for me... boy, if that is you, IM ALL YOURS.:)

  • I can't speak for all girls, because everyone has their own preferences, but for me, personality means more to me then looks. Appearance is a nice bonus though if it comes with the package :). ...wait - not that package! Er, ignore that sentence haha. So for me, a good heart, a guy who can make me laugh, someone understanding, who has their own quirks to keep me interested, and shares a few similar interests with me is the top 5. If a guy doesn't meet one, or any, it's not the be all and end all, I'll either like you, or I won't. I want to get to know the guy, not an imaginary one you know?


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