How to go after him?

a few days ago, I ran into my friend's boyfriend with another one of his friends as they were going back to his apartment. later that night, my friend texted me telling me that the boy her boyfriend was with thought I was really attractive. I'm interested definitely.. he's really cute and she says he's really cool. at first she was like really excited to hook us up, but she's also super lazy and I know will forget about it. how can I go after him?


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  • Maybe ask her if she has his number or a way to contact him? Or casually remind her about it if she forgets. I know that's frustrating when you have no way of contacting a guy because you feel so helpless. I'm in pretty much the same situation but don't even have anyone to ask for his number. :(

    But I think in your case you could somehow get this guy's number from your friend if her boyfriend has it or something and call or text him and see where it goes from there. If something works out, great! If not, nothing lost and you most likely will never run into him again!

    Good luck!

    • Thanks so much.. I do have his Facebook, but like I don't know exactly how to go about starting a conversation with him without having my friend introduce us. any thoughts?

      I know it seems like super weird that I have so much trouble with this.. I'm just still getting used to the method of meeting guys in college. I dated the same guy I started dating junior year of high school for 3 and a half years so it's all so new to me.

    • Oh I totally understand about college! It's hard to get used to. As far as what to say to him, I don't know! That's a toughie. Maybe say to him that your friend was going to introduce the two of you but hasn't gotten around to it. Remind me where you saw him and just start a conversation with him and see where it goes. Like I said, if it doesn't work out you won't have to worry about seeing him again, so it couldn't hurt. Sorry I'm not more help!

    • Oh no.. actually that was really good advice.. thank you =]

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  • Put on your ballerina shoes and tippy toe over to his house. He will be impressed.


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