What is it that I am doing wrong?

Okay I don't know what I am doing wrong why I can't a girlfriend whereas others can get them effortlessly. Most of the time I think most of these guys that I see with girls I would go after are ugly (3-4) where I rate myself as (7). The reason I rate myself at 7 is because I am chubby and dress average, but everything is else is great (personality and cute for being chubby and try my best to take of myself).

I don't know if it is because I give up to easily. For example if a girl starts ignoring me like a lot of them do I just stop chasing them and move on. Maybe it could be that I don't know what it means when girls do certain things and don't know how to respond? Maybe someone can give me some tips.

The reason why I stop chasing a girl when she ignores me is that I don't want to come off as desperate/clingy/creepy (still trying to figure out this whole thing)?


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  • I think you'll probably find the right girl eventually, I guess just get to know a lot of girls as friends so they can see your personality before you start to try to be more?

  • honestly, is it possible that you are overestimating your attractiveness? do you think you judge girls on a harsher standard then you judge yourself? you gave yourself a 7 because you're chubby and dress average but you have a good personality and are cute for being chubby and you try to take care of yourself (what does that mean exactly?). but if you saw a girl that was chubby, dressed avg, but had a good personality and wast cute for being chubby and tried to take care of herself (whatever that means) would you consider her a 7 also and be open to dating her? I'm not trying to be rude but some guys make the mistake of going after women that are more attractive than them and slagging off girls who are closer to their actual level.


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