Girls: what kind of hair styles do you like best? (poll)

Just trying to get an idea here. State why you chose what you did if you like.

  • Clean cut
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  • Long
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  • Messy
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  • Bald
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  • Other (please state)
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  • clean cut is the way to go. everyone looks good with a clean cut. of course, some guys can pull off the long hair, but on others it just looks trashy.


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  • I voted for long hair. By long I mean kind of the stereotypical surfer hair or even just long enough to have a bowl cut of sorts. I like enough hair to run my fingers through and to play with - which means I also don't like a whole lot of gel or spikes and I'm not a fan of buzzcuts, but I think an 8 guard on top tapered to maybe a five or six around the neck isn't SO bad. Just my personal opinion xD

  • I vote messy, but not long. Somewhat short and tousled is the way to go in my book - and hey, it's maintenance-free!

  • I voted messy but I don't mean like really long messy, I mean like robert pattinson kind of length, you can make it look neat and you can mess it up and it still looks good.

    the rugged type is amazingly sexy but I like pretty boys too, with the neat kinda hair.

    It all depends on what the guy himself suits.

  • Agreed with kmhco. Every guy pretty much looks good with clean cut, unless they have huge ears. Then I like it like medium length, not too long though. I don't want my guy having longer hair than I do!


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