For Guys: Hair preferences?

Do guys have hair preferences such as:

-Long curly hair? (even if they're not born with curly hair and style it that way)

-Long straight hair?

-Short hair?

-Medium length hair?


What do you find most attractive if any of you look at that.


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  • Why do you care? Get a style you like, that shows off your personal style and compliments you. Wear that hairstyle with confidence and dignity and the men will come.

    • Just wondering...What guys preferences are? I do have my own style, but I'm just curious.

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    • I totally understand where you are coming from. What I am saying is that hypothetical situations are pointless because they are made up. Preference varies from person to person but even preferences can be broken. For example, I like dark hair on a man, the darker the better, but often fall for redheads and also ones with blond hair/fair features. That's because a human being is 200% more than a hair style or color.

    • Well, that goes for really most of the questions on this website. We just ask and people answer, it's not exactly going to mean all the answers are going to be unvaried. Of course preference is variable but then so does the dating advice.

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  • long curley natral looking hair deff better.


What Girls Said 2

  • i love love love buzzz cuts

    but I really think that you should get the type of hair cut you want

    hope I helped

  • LONG dark hair, straight :)

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