What would you guys consider average looking legs??

I just think my legs are too skinny... I love wearing dresses and shorts but I feel self conscious because of my legs...

I think the real problem are my knees =l First link doesn't work sorry =D


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  • Nobody's perfect and even the hottest girls have features they would change if they could. Realize that when a guy sees you he's not going through a mental checklist of your features. It's not a conscious thing and he doesn't decide if he's attracted to you it just happens and little things like legs aren't going to have a big impact.

    Looking at your profile pics you have lovely legs. Don't let little things like that keep you from wearing what you like. You're a pretty girl and you have nothing to worry about looks-wise so get out there and flaunt it!


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  • You are extremely lucky to have small legs! I have small calves but chunky thighs so I feel uncomfrtable in shorts also. I don't think you should feel self conshess at all. I would kill for legs like that!

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