Are hair weaves and wigs becoming less popular amongst black women?

I used to see them a bit more often years ago but now I see a lot of them just wear braids/cornrows or their relaxed hair in a ponytail. a lot of their hair is broken off from the relaxer though and unhealthy. did most black women stop wearing wigs because of being shamed on youtube and called hair hats? or is it just where i live?


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  • White women sit in the sun for hours trying to get darker and regularly get their hair curled. Black women often avoid the sun to avoid getting darker, and employ various methods to achieve straighter hair. I think it's a plus on both counts, though I do prefer darker-skinned women.


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  • going natural is a lot more popular than ever before, however. weaves and wigs are still popular, but the techniques and styles are a lot better so you may just not be able to tell its a weave/wig. nobody cares about what black women haters on youtube have to say, that is a nonfactor.

    • Natural hair is not common where I live at all however seeing black women wearing their relaxed hair without weaves is very common. Braids and cornrows are seen often too. I know they are not wearing weaves because the hair is over processed/short and broken off.

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  • Its just a huge wave of black women embracing how we look naturally. From our hair to our skin color to all the features that make us black women. I don't think this new hair 'trend' is about shaming women that wear weave, but more so embracing natural hair. I think its amazing and its good to get more people used to seeing us with our natural hair and embracing our natural beauty, even if it is different from what the 'traditional' standard of beauty, which obviously can change. But it can't change without exposure to different beauty looks, therefore that is why I think this 'movement' is very influential, catching on, and good for our community.

    Embracing what makes you different instead of trying to hide it, which is what every person in this world struggles with. So, I am incredibly proud of the bravery of black women right now (and honestly in the past also).

  • I hope so, just because I hope black woman feel like they can embrace their natural hair more now. I think black women have been shamed for both being natural and having weaves, so maybe they have just decided to fuck society and do what they want.

    • I dont like any of the natural hair styles. So I'm going to always relax my hair or occassionally wear weaves if I want to try a new color or something

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    • ok, I just prefer the straight look on me. its more feminine. and i dont like big hair all that much.

    • Straight hair is pretty too! :)

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