Do you like this eye color??

Cause I have eyes that change color with my mood, and no-one that I know has ever met anyone with same colour eyes. my eyes can be; green/gray, green, grey, grey/blue or most commonly green/grey/blue. Oh and the reason for all the slashes is guys there aren't any proper names for my eye color! its SO weird my eyes aren't a color! every time someone looks really close at my eyes, they get "flabbergasted" and just end up saying "they are like green, but gray, but blue, but more green, but grey" haha. And I was wondering if guys like unique colored eyes that are they most likely haven't seen before. Or is my eye color ugly?

***Can you please vote and write an answer too, I would like to know***

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  • Your eyes are OK....but I prefer eye colors without a gray tone
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  • Your eyes are weird, but in a cool unique way...I'd find that attractive
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  • Eyes don't matter to me
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  • Your eyes are weird, in a bad way, I just don't like the colors
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  • Your eyes sound pretty
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  • I love a guy with blue eyes and dark or light hair. I have always been attracted to guys with these features.

    In addition, my eyes used to change colors as well and I encountered the same "feedback." I was born with ocean blue eyes. Then, I went through puberty and everything changed. My eyes were blue, blue/green, green, blue/gray, blue/green/gray. Certain colors made my eyes change colors. It was very annoying to me but people were fascinated by my changing eye colors. Now, they are green and do not change at all. I wonder if they might change again in another decade or so?


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  • Pics?


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  • Your eyes sound so pretty! I'm sure that plenty of people would think so, too. They really do sound quite unique, and I bet they really do leave a lasting impression on whoever catches a glimpse of them.

  • Eyes don't change color with mood. They are one color. They can LOOK different depending on what colors you're wearing or what makeup you have on (blue eyes look especially blue with brown or bronze eyeshadow, and less blue with other colors), but they don't CHANGE.

    • Yes they do, just google "mood eyes" and you will find hundreds of websites with thousands hundreds of people talking about their mood eyes, there are even pictures...besides I have taken pictures too (not on this site), and I don't wear different make-up, I don't even wear eye makeup, and they change. My friends notice too, every time they change colour. and I'm still in high school so I wear the SAME thing every day (because of school uniforms), so my clothes don't change anything.

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  • I doubt too many guys get hung up on eye color, at least to the point that they would or would not date you. Call your eyes "Hazel". My daughter has the same deal.

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