Do shapewear really work in bodycon dresses?

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  • Hey, it can certainly help... but it kinda depends what you're working with and what you want it to achieve. What specifically do you want it to help with?

    • Just shaping the lower waist better and preventing pantylines

    • Okay, then yes that's pretty realistic, an ex of mine who's kinda curvy wears it occasionally and it can work well, especially in darker or patterned dresses. Secret with bodycon is to avoid any underwear that's too tight so buy the smoothest and most seamless you can find, and really try to avoid a bra if you possibly can - if you're not stick thin a bra will almost always create ugly lines/grooves under bodycon. But be brave and there's every chance you'll look amazing - it's a really confident and attractive look on a girl with curves. Good luck! :)

    • Thanks for the MHO, happy I could help! :)

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  • bever used these so i can't tell :/

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