Would it be ok to suggest she get a cute little nose piercing?

I know this girl from around town and her work and have talked to her there a few times , recently I noticed she got her tragus pierced and her second ear piercing on both ears and had also got her belly pierced earlier this year. so she seems to be into piercings all of a sudden , I think she could really pull off a nose piercing rather well like one of those small studs. it seem like something she'd be into , I'm just not sure if I should mention it to her or if she'd think it odd I cared?


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  • you could say she could pull off a stud piercing but dont like "suggest" it


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  • Next time you are talking, steer the conversation to her piercings an say "I bet you would look great with a nose piercing" after a while.

    • yeah that's sort of what I was thinking , just sort of suggest she'd look good with one

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I think that would be awkward unless someone was my close friend.

    • well it was just going to be a suggestion based on fact she had got some other similar piercings

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    • I honestly think her belly piercing is more sexy than a nose piercing so I don't she why there'd be an issue to suggest she get her nose pierced

    • You're probably right about that

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