What facial characteristics make a man look masculine?

Is it a certain facial structure, certain cheeks, certain mouth shape (not including lips)? Don't say strong jawline, thick eyebrows or facial hair.


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  • Definitely not plumping or fuller lips cause that's just like kissing Kim K.

    Definitely a guy w abs and just a little buffed up. Not too much to the point that his waist is tiny compared to his shoulders

    We also loooooooove guys butts

    Also when a guy has nice hands (his peno is included as well ;) ;) Their hands should be soft and warm and even a little dry. And his fingernails (including toenails!!!) should be taken care of

    • How about facial shapes?

    • Not a circle face and definitely not a super pointy face. Other than that we don't really care about face shape as much

    • So you don't care if he looks like a ogre?

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  • "Don't say strong jawline, thick eyebrows or facial hair. "

    why not? because thats exactly it..

    • Well that's unfortunate I guess us guys are royally screwed when it comes to women.

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    • Not because of that but because men are the less attractive gender.

    • Life is actually easy though, at least for me. Which is a good thing.