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SO! For me personally style plays a HUGE role in whether or not I like a girl. I always wear sneakers myself, most of the time jordans or something. Sometimes a cap (new era, not some nike thingy) or a beanie. I usually wear pretty weird or colourful tshirts, and dark slimfit chino's or even skinnies. But I sag them so I don't look like a ballet dancer.. (I have baggies too, save the comments..)

I'm into brands like the hundreds, stussy, mishka, obey, freshjive, bbc, ctrl etc. etc. even though nobody around these parts knows them, let alone wear them. I like girls to have their own style as well, not just some barbie who's running with the masses.

So, what style do you guys rock, and do you pay close attention to the other persons style or not?


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  • Go look through my pictures. =] I don't really do the brand thing or follow current trends. It doesn't make a difference to me. There are things I like, and there are things I don't. My style varies from lace and bows and pearls, to flannel and Docs, to jeans and t-shirt, to crazy patterns or outfits all in one color, to kitschy housewife and floral, to earthy and simple. Or any combination of those. From nothing really matching, but still working together... to obsessively matching and coordinating colors. I'm pretty eclectic. If something is really strange, super colorful, ridiculously old-fashioned and/or Victorian, though not necessarily all at once... I probably like it.

    I'm always admiring other people's styles. I might like something on someone else, but not like it for myself. It's rare that I ever really hate someone else's style, unless it's obviously not their style. Usually I'm just indifferent because I realize that the style does not make the person; there's a different person behind each different look, even those who look similar. And I like diversity in the people I choose to be around.


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  • Well I dress a little boring most of the time, because I tend to be lazy. My style has been described as "hipster lite" which kind of annoys me... but whatever. ;) I wear skinny jeans, cardigans, plaid flannel, high waisted skirts, nothing too out of the ordinary I guess. It changes pretty often though... I like stuff from the '40s and '50s, stuff inspired by punk, hippies, grunge, mod, a lot of stuff.

    Other people's style does matter to me, only a little bit. I won't judge anyone on it, but if someone is wearing something cool, I guess I would want to get to know them better.

  • boho.

    fringe suede boots

    vintage tees, skinny jeans, but not sh*tty ones like new ones. Old ones, like vintage lacoste, or converse.

    Short floral dresses, with leather jackets and heels and leather bags with scarves around them.

    converse shoes with short jean shorts and a cashmere sweater and a overshoulder leather bag.

    gladiator sandals with corderoy skirts and band tees.

    you know stuff that isn't mainstream.

    I *DETEST* the whole gangstah thing, its soo f***ing ugly!

  • My style is casual, I own a lot of jeans, and sneakers. Nice jackets and my bag I have to have with me all the time. Along with bright comfy hoodies. When I dress up I have my style for that as well :) dressy and boots all the way.

  • Girlie, bright colors, trendy I guess...I like what I like but I get a lot of compliments so I must be doing something right


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