Latest and greates female fashions?

I've seen some really hot recent clothing fashions, such as "Choker Crop Tops", "T-Shirt Dresses", and "Bardot Playsuits".
I'm no good at finding fashion, though. I just happened to stumble across some here on GaG.
Do you know the names of any other epic and recent female fashions of any sort?
Do you have any tips on how I can find more by myself?


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  • Denim booty shorts.
    Velvet clothing
    Neutral & Pastel colors
    Platform sneakers

    • Thanks. 😊
      Dang! 😳 Those denim booty shorts are really... something else. heh heh... 😅

    • Thank you!
      Yeah I think they can be cute in the right environment, with the right people.

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  • A bit of internet surfing - Google fashion trends fall/winter 2016 and spring 2017 - Plenty of articles will come up


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  • Rompers are the best trend and chokers in general. High waisted distressed washed jeans are great too. I also like bralettes so much.

    • Thanks. 😊
      Some rompers I saw look very different from others.
      Ripped jeans are hot, but the rips in high waisted distressed washed jeans look too... organized?
      Bralettes are hot, but vary like rompers, making it difficult to understand what exactly it means to be one.

    • I don't know like the specifics of each style but most of them are cute like I've never seen a bralette I didn't want to buy same with romper

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