Why would a shy girl appear to be looking through you not at you?

Lately, she has been looking at me with a big grin on her face or while giggling. However, when I gaze into her eyes, it looks as though she is looking beyond me. An example of this is when she was with her friends just chatting it up, but at one point she started to look in my direction with aforementioned smile. Like I said though, her eyes seemed to be going right through me.

Another example happened just last night. She was getting a glass of water and was heading to bed. Before she did though I could see that she was staring in my general direction. Nonetheless, when I looked at her, once again it appeared that she was looking beyond me (the only thing behind me this time was a wall). Then she began looking at her mom, who she walked over to to give her a hug.

In the past she would mimic me, ask people she knows questions about me, show concern for me if she thinks I’m in trouble, her friends act differently around me, sometimes she blushes around me, etc.


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  • A person mimic-in someone is a typical example of affection, another is the pupils dilating when looking at the person in question.

    But I know what you mean, when someone looking towards you but it feels as if its straight trough you, I've had that experience as well!

    Though I never took action so maybe I blew my only chances because I was to shy to interact with the person.

    So take it from me, you want to talk to her, but talk to her with the intention of gaining a new friend if she keeps giving clear signals to you, you can try to send signals back and see what happens.

    Good luck!

  • I'm wondering if it really looks like she is looking past you or you just don't find yourself that desirable like you can't have this girl's attention. It might be you way of thinking "she couldn't be interested in me." Are you shy at all? Anyway, it sounds like she likes you so you should go talk to her.