So I was at the bar the other night with some friends and one of them thought these guys playing pool were really hot and wanted to go talk to them. I don't really approach guys in bars or in general because I never really know what to say and I'm afraid I'll just be awkwardly standing there so I let her do most of the talking. She was talking mostly and I chimed in every now and then. She went back over to the bar at one point to get another drink and I stayed and kept talking to him because I figured she wouldn't be that long and didn't want to be a b*tch and just walk away. He had mentioned that he worked for Lexus and I mentioned that my Mom hadn't been too happy with hers because the back up camera made thing look a lot farther away than they really were. He said she must not have had a very good salesman because apparently that camera is only so you can see if someone is behind your car, not how far away they were and he went into his wallet to give me his card so that next time she bought a Lexus, or if I bought one which as a college student I won't be buying one anytime soon, to go to him instead but he didn't have any cards with him.

A bit later we went back to the group of girls we had came to the bar with and me and the girl who dragged me over to this guy were at a table talking. In the meantime some other girl came over and started dancing with him which didn't bother me as much as it bothered my friend. But while this girl was bent over dancing like a whore he looked at me and made some motion with his hands like "I see you." He took two fingers and pointed them at his eyes and then pointed them back at me and he smiled. I was too surprised that he did that looking at me and not my friend because I thought that he was more into her, and she thought he was really hot anyway so I wasn't going to try and take him from her. But when a guy does something like that at a bar is he just being funny or did he maybe want to talk with me more? He didn't come back over to us for the rest of night but he kept looking at me.


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  • It seems that he's shy.


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