What does a girl need to appear pretty?

I'm a teenager who has BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and I've always tried to look, be and feel pretty. I live in a conservative country so I don't want to start using make-up yet in case I get bad mouthed. So I would like to know from fellow females (and males too), what are some ways a girl can appear pretty and confident? Make-up or attitude advices/hacks would be really helpful. And if you can, list some things girls do that you see as pretty or cute (I'd like to know out of curiousity. I do not intend on changing for other people. I like who I am as a person, I just don't really like my face...).

Thank you!


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  • What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder? I could look it up, but I would rather learn from someone who has it.

    • People who have BDD think about their real (or sometimes "imaginary") flaws almost on a daily basis. We have negative thoughts about ourselves and we think we always look bad and that those particular flaws make us look ugly and bad...
      Example: I really dislike my nose. It has been the reason of my insecurities when it comes to looks, since the first time I went to elementary school and although it may not look bad now, I still want to change that part of me, but first I want to learn how to accept my nose the way it is since I've already learned how to love the rest of my body.

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    • Well I was waiting for you to reply. Took long enough lol. I have advice.. but you should give my opinion a like :)

    • Haha alright I'm all ears

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  • I'm obviously a girl too and I feel most beautiful and confident when I'm happy, and having a good day. For example, today and I wasn't wearing any make up and I was feeling really positive. Just smile and stand tall and be happy, in the end it's got nothing to do with makeup :)

    • Thanks for the reply! I'll try to feel more confident and happy^^

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  • I would try to be yourself - Do a bit of research on the net to pick clothes that you think you will be most comfortable and happiest in - Your happiness is the most important thing for you

  • conservative country?
    are you from Arab World?


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