Can a girl be too good looking for a guy to ask her out?

Well Guys? Can can we?


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  • Sure! See, some guys see a girl by herself and assume that she's taken. Part of this is because, he thinks, that if she is that gorgeous that she must be taken. If she isn't then she's probably not going to notice him because there are probably a line of good looking guys who are already hitting on you and they're either better, or she'll see the guy as just another horny perv on the list. Some guys will see a beautiful woman and think that she's out of his league, or think that if she's single, that it's because she's either crazy or too high maintenance, or just plain out of his league. Now while I don't believe in leagues, a lot of girls still for whatever reason DO. Those women are shallow, and if that's the case, she's only out of the league because she's stuck up and not worth the effort. It's basically dealing with a crazy person.

    Anyway these are a few reason why a guy might think a girl is "too pretty". I don't on the other hand and I'm not alone. My personal feelings are, if she turned me down, it's her loss, because I can always find another girl.

    So I hope this answer was educational to you.

    • BTW: some of this mentality is not limited to men. Ever heard a girl say, "any good man is married or gay"?

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    • There you have it. Four people who came on here and said they have nothing to add, because I basically said it all. It sucks but that's just how it is. The good news is; itsweird182 is right too. Some people, (like me for example) will still show a great amount of balls and take a stab at it anyway. So it's not like all hope is lost.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. So did my advice help?

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  • Well.

    The answer is yes.

    But more importantly is what you are going to do about it.

    My best advice is that you don't become too easy nor too hard.

    I will explain ...

    If you are too hard to get, snobbish ... people who will be attracted to you will be players that wanna brag that they cracked your code. Every decent guy out there will think you are snobbish and high maintenance. That you are just a shell of good looks and crap inside. The novelty will wear by time and he will end up with trouble. You should never be this person.

    On the other hand, you should NEVER EVER by an easy to get girl. Men are hunters and they like the challenge (to a reasonable, sensible extent, moderation is good. And you have to evaluate the man in front of you). Even shy guys will have the girl devaluated in their eyes if you are easy to get.

    Not all shy guys are decent guys. A shy guy who is always drooling over you and going crazy out of his way for your pleasure is likely to be unstable and you might have problems with him. Try to look for signs in his personal life. His success in University, sports, does he volunteer, or have a cause in life.

    Basically, you need to be a genuinely good girl. You hang with players and show them you are up to their tricks and that they don’t fool you. Smile and laugh from your heart. Be confident and celebrate the gift of beauty you have. Then to prove you have the best of both worlds... go out of the blue and talk to shy them you aren’t vain and if there is a real man among them who want to prove his love to you then he has a chance. This double game will let both players and shy guys wonder about you and will prevent either side from categorizing you as either a snob or an easy to get girl. . You are the all around girl who want to find the man that is ready to commit and love you. You have beauty but it doesn’t define you. You are much more than that and you aren’t vain. You have hobbies , interests , opinions about life , politics, etc...

    This type of girl is super attractive and in the same time gives every body the chance. Gives the player the chance to see that he should reform to get this decent girl and that you aren’t vain and easy. You give the ''decent '' shy guy the chance to know that he can get you if he works hard and earns you.

    Give him ''clear'' signs. Subtle signs don't work much for shy guys. But in the same time, don't shower him with signs so you don't devaluate yourself.

    If he looks at you , look at him, he will turn away because he is shy ... that is fine... then he will look again.. then you look to him again... . If there is an occasion or you have some common friends , go and join the discussion.. give him a chance and an excuse to talk to you . Prove to him that you are not imporrible to talk to and to get . Agree with something that he says if you really do agree lol.

    But always always he should make the first serious move. :-)

  • I don't really have much else to add, because I feel like the other responses have summed it up pretty well, but chalk me up for another vote for "yes, a girl can be too good looking for a guy to ask her out." I always assume that they are taken, or that they have a gaggle of guys that they are dangling like marionettes, and I am not interested in becoming another one of those.

  • Hello,

    Yea I'm going to agree with what's ben said, very good looking women are nothing but pain. They have no shortage of guys coming up to them so they know they get the pick of the pack, Also if she's single then that means there is a line of guys someware crying themselfs to sleep at the fact they couldn't keep her...

    There usualy very high maintenance which would drive most guys up the wall becouse if she can't get what she want from him she has no problem finding another...


  • good lookin girls can be intimidating to ask out because the assumption is generally that she will expect a lot. most people underestimate themselves at the best of times but in this situation, even more so than normally

  • I'm gonna have to agree with Toban completely. He pretty much covered it. Yes, nice or shy guys, are very afraid to approach a pretty girl for all those reasons. My opinion as well.

  • Absolutely not. There will always be a guy around with balls big enough to ask out any girl.


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