Do guys only like preppy girly-girls?

I'm a girl that wears no makeup,hates dresses and lives in baggy jeans and jerseys,but one of my friends told me boys don't like girls like that true?


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  • I personally hate baggy jeans on a girl. But with her wearing a jersey from time-to-time, and not every day, I actually take a preference to that girl; it shows that she has a hobby or something that we can talk about. That she isn't a stereotypical "preppy-girly-girl" that overdoes it.

    When it all boils down, any extreme will have a group of haters. If you are in the middle, you're just conforming; but as long as you are wearing and doing what you like, who gives a sh*t?

    In this day and age, I see men wearing girl pants, which is more repulsive to me than a girl wearing guy pants. Yay for double standards?

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • It all depends on the guy

    Some guys hate make-up(like me)

    And some of them like it

    Some guys like girls who dress comfortable

    Some of them prefer girls who dress preppy

    It really depends on the guy

    and personality doesn't give away what kind of girl he likes all the time

    Possible it could but it might not

  • I would preffer...tight jeans or shorts and a jersey...but hey whatvr I think in todays world to say guys like ONLY a certain dumb and stupid...I mean com'n

    make up is over rated to

  • no that's not true

    guys might not like you as much because steritypicaly that's what guys expect lesbians(the more manly kind) to wear and maybe you could get less baggy jeans and the make female jerseys the fit to the female body better and isn't really baggy

    its not about you being a girly girl or a tomboy or watever it sounds to me that you dress a little to much like a dude

    baggy jeans on girls are just unatractive to me jerseys are ok its cool when a really hot girl wears a jersey just look at kendra from girl next door lol


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  • there are definitely guys who like "preppy" girls. there are two types of preps though you have pay attention to your labels girl! lol there is the new breed of like air headed girls who tan constantly and shop at abercrombie and fitch, hollister, and such places. then there are the classic preppy girls who are like generally educated, wear high class labels like ralph lauren, locaste, etc. and have a girly but classic style of dressing, etc. there are guys that like both of them of course. also there are lots of ways of being girly, not just preppy. there are girly emo girls, girly urban girls, etc.

    there are also definitely guys who like girls like you. I will say that I have noticed that like girls like you have a tendency to be very lacking in confidence. I don't know if that applies to you...? you might want to work on that. there's nothing wrong with wearing baggy pants if that's what you're into. I don't know what you mean though - as in like baggy jeans or sweat pants? I've worn sweat pants and tank tops to school and I still get attention from guys because of the way I carry myself and my confidence, I'm very flirty, etc. being good looking also helps but that's with anything. I doubt that a gorgeous girl is going to get 0 attention from guys if she dresses the way you do.

    you could try to switch your look up every now and then to flatter your body more. I'm not saying you have to like transform to dress the way many of us do but variety is better than just the same thing every day. even switching up baggy jeans for a great fitting pair of bootcut or skinny jeans with a regular plain tank top can drastically improve your look. it shows off your figure more with little effort. everyone wears skinny jeans these days even guys are doing it. lol

    i do wear makeup. I love it but I don't wear it all the time. you don't have to. in fact I'm a firm believer in like not changing yourself just for a a guy, but they are visual creatures. so it goes back to confidence and personality. if you aren't good looking then you need one great personality to reel them in. flirting never killed anyone either ! :D

    also you mean big sports jerseys? and baggy jeans? what are you trying to hide girl goodness. I've known tomboys who don't go out of their way to cover up their body, so I don't think not being girly is like your only prob here. I've seen tomboys wear shorts, tank tops, regular tees, regular jeans, etc. it sounds like you are insecure. I could be wrong but if you are actually going out of your way to cover up then you are insecure and that most likely trickles down to your personality as well. good luck! :)

  • I've been wondering the same thing myself. I'm just like that, except for the baggy jeans, maybe its a bit too boyish. But luckily there a guys that do prefer tomboys over girly girls, but they're pretty hard to find in my case lol. It's fine being who you are and don't think for one second that you have to change to get a guy's attention, but try easing up on wearing the baggy stuff, You can wear things that are flattering to your body. Remember, clothes don't make a person. =)

  • I have a friend who is like you. And she's had more boyfriends than I ever did. It all depends on the guy.