I'm not a person with lack of self esteem so you don't have to be nice.

I'm looking for honest answers about how I look and as I can't really tell if my friends are just being nice or not(I recently changed my hair style from shoulder long hair )

, I'm turning to the internet for honest answers.

AGAIN!. I have no problem with my self esteem so be as honest as possible.

Pic: Not the best pic to 'rate me' but it's the most recent pic that shows what cloths etc I wear normally.



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  • The hairstyle works for you..and I like the clothes too..i will give you an 8

    • I'm thinking of dyeing (spelling?) my mini mohawk into abit darker, think it might work? Thanks for your answer anyway :)

    • I think it looks fine that way

  • You're pretty hot :3 probably a 8/10 x

  • ummm loose the gay sunnies, and grow out you hair, and wear more casual clothes

    *** 4.5/10***

    • The sunglasses is not something I wear, stole em from a friend and we posd abit with them.

      I'm not going to grow out my hair again as I just cutted it down from having shoulder long hair (Not sure if it shows in the picture, but I have like a mini mohawk that I might make into a full mohawk).

      That kind of cloths is something I feel good in.. but I'm going to take you're advice on looking for more "casual" clothes next time I'm out shopping. Thanks for your honest answers.

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    • You didn't offend me at all :D I'm thankful for your honest opinion and I'm taking you're advice in looking for more casual cloths, I can at least try it out in the stores.

    • Ok just making sure, I'm glad I could help :P

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