Should I get a relaxer?

Im a teen and i dont have a relaxer in my hair, im currently all natural. My natural hair isn't kinky but its just very frizzy and i literally have to put a headband over my head to keep the frizz down. Now that im in high school i feel people might think i dont take care of my hair since it looks really frizzy even when i brush it. My mom suggested that i get a relaxer to straighten my hair so that it will be more manageble and look better but i just really want to keep my natural hair because i want to know how to take care of my real hair and plus chemicals in relaxers are really harsh and can cause hair loss 😅 Also if i was to describe my hair, just imagine a lion's mane that just got its hair blown out with a blow dryer, along with really frizzy edges xD. Anyways do you think i should get a relaxer or try to work with my natural hair? Also encouraging words are nice since this is an insecurity of mine, so be nice : )

I dont know why this was put under this category... um lol sorry about that


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  • What's your body type?

    Yeah that seems odd but my opinion is that dofferent hair types work with different body types from an aesthetic standpoint.

    • Oh okay! And my body type is slightly chubby and im tall

    • Actually reading other comments it seems there are a lot of more natural styles that might work for you.

      If you can avoid relaxers easily I would. They are hard on your hair.

      At the end of the day appearance is just appearance though. Do what makes you happy.

    • Okay, thank you : )

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  • I discourage relaxers, honestly. The way that I educated myself in how to take care of the hair type I have is simply by research, and even looking at what women are doing on YouTube, which has greatly increased my hair care in a positive way.

    I'm not sure what hair type you have, but maybe if you braid it up, leave it that way overnight, then take it down in the morning, you might have a really neat wavy pattern instead of it being frizzy. Or like somebody else said, flat iron it, but also use some heat protecting spray.

    As far as what the kids thing, as you grow and mature in life, you will find that you can't make everybody happy, and you shouldn't live to please people. They will always pick something about you to gossip or judge you over. You can never win with society.

    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words, your definitely right. And I never really thought about trying a braidout I'll try that tonight and see how it works!! I also watch a lot of youtubers and they helped me a lot about my texture. Thanks again for your comment : )

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    • I tried the twist out and the waves came out really nicely and I also had extra volume from my poofiness so thank you so much!! And oil sounds like a good idea I'll try that next

    • Awesome! thanks for the update. I'm glad I could help!

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  • Please do not get a relaxer/perm they are very damaging. Rock your natural curls kinks or locks. Natural is beatiful, fuck what other people think

    • Your right, and Thank you : )

  • I don't have your hair type but for my frizz coconut oil works

    • I've tried coconut oil and it made my hair super brittle and hard since my hair is protein sensitive. But I will try an oil to see if it helps, and thanks : )

  • Go to a hair salon they will straighten your hair with a straightening comb and it will be less frizzy for weeks I'd recommend that before relaxers because now I'm all natural and don't want to put any chemicals in my hair either

    • Okay I'll try that! Is there a max to how often I should Go? Because I heard it can cause hear damage after a while : (

    • Once a month isn't bad or one a week

    • Okay thanks : )

  • I've gone 8 years without a perm. I get bullied because of it by my family. They like bone straight hair and I don't have that. :/

    But if you really want to straighten it use a flat iron

    • Im really sorry to hear that, thats a horrible reason to bully someone about. Do they have straight hair?

    • My parents are bald, my sister has a perm but I don't consider her hair straight. I'm more of the black sheep of my family. They have a really hard time understanding me. I'm considered the crazy one. I feel like they refuse to accept my differences

    • Personally I feel they shouldn't try to change you for doing what you like with your hair. They should accept your differences instead of trying to change you, but im really sorry that's going on. It's awesome that your sticking with what you believe in and not letting them change you : )