What does it mean if she looks into my eyes but doesn't smile?

Im in a bunch of her classes so we have talked a bit.

I didn't think she liked me, so I was trying to get over her.(she is really touchy feely to most other guys except me, and she talks openly more to other guys-our conversations are usually shorter and she often talks around me but not directly to me, to other guys.)

I didn't really talk to her for two days except for a few brief interactions that totaled for about 5 words maximum.

Later,I accidentally made eye contact with her and we held it for 2-3 seconds before she pulled away.

Later when I was walking to a different class I have with her, she was waiting by the door, and we made eye contact again for like 3 seconds before I broke away. neither one of us smiled or said anything. I am not sure what to do (even if she does like me, I don't really go out with people, I'm not sure why, but I do like her)

I have no idea what the f*** I am doing, and wouldn't know what to do on a date, so help would be good.


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  • you should just take it slow. the next time you see her just smile and say "hello (her name)" and then go sit down. just doing that will put you in more control of the situation. Try not to worry so much about it. Focus on your school work.

    Maybe the next day you say "hello (her name)" again while smiling. Then maybe compliment her somehow... say something like "nice shirt" don't wait for response just smile and go sit down.

    These are things you don't have to be embarrassed about saying. You are just being nice and saying hello. You complimented her what's wrong with that? again try not to worry so much about it.

    Eventually, if you go on a date try to relax. Its important that you stay comfortable so she remains comfortable. Your the guy so its your job to make her feel comfortable.


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  • Whenever I do that to a guy I'm looking to see what his reaction is to the eye contact. Like does he get nervous, look away quickly, look away without interest, so on and so forth...

    She's probably doing the same. She's not sure if she's interested in you so she wants to know what you think of her first.

  • Okay well she sounds like kind of a flirt... I am too, so out of personal experiance she's probably not as comfortable around you yet, she's probably not the best person to date anyway... if you still like her you should keep hanging around her and keep trying to catch her eye and this time YOU SMILE! It will send her the "it's okay message"

    Hope this helped! :)


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  • Same probem... will tell you if mine gets answered. Will check back here too.


    confusing isn't it?

    • Lol yes very confusing. I am glad I'm not the one who has this problem, and I look forward to hearing your answer.

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