Wtf are 3d eyebrows?

i was on the bus today and went past a beauty salon. it had a sign that advertised 3d eyebrows... wtf are 3d eyebrows?


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  • They give thickness, shape, highlights and color to the eyebrows to make them look beautiful in a natural way.


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  • According to a YouTube video I googled 3D Eyebrow Embroidery is
    "Indeed it is a semi-permanent procedure, thus you will have to undergo through the process after two years or so. In eyebrow embroidery, the brows are shaped and inked on the surface of the skin. Its main goal is not to give the brows the perfect shape, but rather to give more volume on the brows' natural contour"
    It seems to involve inking or tattooing of the eyebrow


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  • It's kind of like a weave. They inject hair like shit into the brow to make it darker and bolder.


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