Is a 32F/FF considered big for someone who is 5'2" and 110-115 lbs?

I'm always told I'm small like overall I'm small. Once I said I was a DD at this weight but people act like that's a crazy size to claim for me. I'm a 32DDD actually more than that if I'm 115 lbs. People always seem to think I'm just a C cup. Which is odd because I can fit a 36D just fine. Sometimes even a 36DD. I don't have back pain though and I'm nearing my mid-twenties and I don't sag or have any properties of large breasts. They're just like larger small boobs. Anyhow I'm wondering is a 32F/FF supposed to be large? Especially if you have a huge back 39" shoulders?


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  • You're nearing your mid twenties, yet you're 18! So, what is it to be?
    Not only that, how can you possibly be a 32DDD and a 36D/DD?
    Something simply doesn't add up here.

    • I'm 23 next month I must have put the wrong year. And 36D is equivalent to 32DDD (F) cup... Look up sister sixzing pls

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    • @roselane16 Oh the joys of being a woman, and the confusing "bra" world we live in! lol.

    • Thank you for the MHO.

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  • Petite and busty is totally the way to go!

    But do you really have 39" shoulders?

  • Yes far too big for anyone to have

    • is a 36D too big for anyone to have because that's the sister size...

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    • Thanks.
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