If a guy is showing interest in a few girls besides me how can I catch his eye and stand out?

What are some ways to make him choose me over them? I have his number and we text sometimes and I see him at school every now and then. He hung out at my house a while ago, but I haven't hung out with him one on one since. I'm scared to initiate a hangout although he said he would give me a guitar lesson...


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  • Sweet heart be really careful about the decision that you are making here, first is he a nice guy, second are you even sure that you like him, three asking him over to teach guitar lessons do you understand the consequence of him being over of what could happen. Does he likes you, was the guitar lesson a way of making a move on you. Think these things through if after you finish you still feel like you want him then ask him to schedule for the guitar lesson, oh and if you really want him that bad don't focus too much on the guitar lesson he might think its just about the lesson!

    • I don't know if he likes me..he used to text me all the time and stopped..he was super flirty

      I'm thinking that the guitar lesson could be a way to see how he feels..see if I get vibes he likes me of just wants to be friends either one is good for now.

    • Ok then, you are interest. Go for it and remember play not a cheap role. but make him comfortable to express. If he was texting you, then may guess he probably emagined himself with you about ten times tops.

  • just text him and say "hey, I'm free this weekend. want to come over and give me that guitar lesson you owe me :)?"


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