When going out on a date what would you rather see/wear?

Would you rather wear or have her wear a see-through shirt or one with a lot of cleavage

  • Lots of cleavage
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  • See through shirt
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Most Helpful Girl

  • So are you saying, a woman isn't worth going out with unless you can see her tits?

    If that's what you want, just go to the red light district where you live. You can pick and choose... PIG!

    • No, I was asking for preferences. If I was saying I don't like going out with the woman unless I could see her tits I would have said "I don't like going out with a woman unless I can see your tits "
      But I do like seeing tits.
      If you don't like reading it don't go on this kind of site..., !
      Enjoy your lonely life

    • I like reading this site as most of the people on it respect what each other has to say.

      What I have difficulty with is people with double standards for men and women.

      Another guy responded to your question saying he preferred neither, bit that was OK. But I'm the whore? P-leaaaase.

Most Helpful Guy

  • i am into exhibitionism so if i am out on a date with my wife or girlfriend then see through but if it is someone that i am just meeting then cleavage. Most women i date have never done the exhibitionist thing before and have to start them slow, start at cleavage then go to flashing then the sheer stuff. damb morning boner now. you had to have the first question i saw this morning eh? lol now where did my girlfriend run off to?


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  • I wouldn't really want either - I prefer the more subtle look

  • I'd rather have her wear none of those, it doesn't have to be revealing

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