Will seeing a dermatologist mean guaranteed results?

-list a few questions she/he may ask

-can you wear makeup there

-what will they all do

-does the pill (accutane) work, or is it too risky with all the side effects

-and if you ever went to one: share? did it work?


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  • Don't wear makeup ( I know, I know. It hurts but ya gotta do it ). Everything else depends on you.

    I personally had AMAZING results and really wish I had gone at the first sign of acne instead of trying just about every over the counter in existence, especially since the cream they prescribed is actually cheeper than most of the stuff at walmart.

    P.s There are a lot of alternatives to accutane. Leave the treatment decisions to the professional, they usually know best ;)


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  • Dermatologists are different, like any doc, some will try to find any under lying cause while others will just write you a prescription and send you on your way. Accutane works but is an extreme measure and they will most likely recommend topical solutions first. This of course depends on the severity of the problem and how long it has been a problem. I have friends that still deal with the side effects of accutane and they haven't taken in for years.

    As far as the actual visit I would suggest you don't wear makeup so they can see the skin clearly. I would bring in any cleansers, make up, cremes etc. that you put on your face so they can see what you are using. If it is a small suitcase full just bring a list. Some will ask you what your diet is like and whether you smoke or drink. Anything they give you will have side effects and some can be extremely harsh for your skin, so you have to be really careful using them and follow the directions to the letter. I would always explore other avenues first like changes in diet and lifestyle, but if you trust doctors then go for it.

    • Thanks for answering!

  • Not guaranteed, but very good results, for me at least. It's not a miracle cure, it took a couple months and my acne is still not totally clear.

    They might ask you what type of skin you have, how often you break out, if it's sensitive, etc.

    They will probably prescribe you medication for it.

    Never used the pill, I heard it works but is very drying.

    I went to a dermatologist, and yes, it did work fairly well.

  • accutane is really bad if you're on birth control and it is very drying to the skin..

    have you tried herbal remedies or vitamins? trying natural health food stores for a remedy is better I think. also try using benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid more (in acne products without prescription)..accutane is expensive and it dries the skin.

  • Not necessarily. Dermatologists should be a last ditch effort for your skin.

    I'm sure they'll ask you about your diet, how long your skin has been in its current state and when did it start, if your period aggravates your skin, your environment (air), if you are on the birth control pill, and a few other factors.

    You probably shouldn't wear foundation or concealer so that they can actually see your skin. That's the whole point of your appointment, is it not?

    I wouldn't advise Accutane either. Accutane is meant only for the WORST case acne, acne that is so debilitating and horrible looking that only 2% of people with acne use it. Your acene must be very, very severe. And even still, Accutane has many harsh side effects - depression and suicidal thoughts among the worst. Really, is it worth it? No.

    If you haven't, you should try OTC (over the counter) products in the health and beauty aisles at stores. Proactiv isn't too expensive, $20/month and it works for most people.

    I use clindamycin phosphate from my drug store (Rite Aid) and I got a prescription for it from my family doctor. It costs $25 for a little bottle and it usually lasts a few months. I didn't have severe acne to begin with, but now my skin is flawless.

    Good luck.

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