Girls, what outfit do u like best?

I'm a guy that wears girls clothes. I've never dressed in public before, but one of these outfits will be my first for a special occasion.

If u have other ideas, feel free to post whatever comments u wish

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  • Wow, all three are super cute. Nice taste. You must have a nice figure to be able to wear any of them. They're really cute, but won't hide much, for a male, if you get my drift. Hope you're shaved.

    • Thanks, I really appreciate your compliment. I actually own the second outfit and feel so pretty when I wear it. Which was your favorite?

    • Tough call, really. If I had to say, being partial to pink, maybe the skirt in the first pic, but I really do like them all. Good luck on your journey into femininity!

  • B looks the best :)

    • Totally my favorite, thanks

  • Either B or C

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