I just can't figure out my face shape! Am I a mix?

I have tried various tests and looked at a lot of pictures to compare myself to, and i just can't figure it out. I think it is because i still have some baby fat left.. although i'm 21.

I have either gotten round, square, oblong, and oval. Almost all. :P
My forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same width. That would make me a square if i believed in the tests. But i also have a rounded jawline and chin. I dont have any hard lines to my face. And my face is small. I mostly fit kiddies sunglasses, and finding glasses that look nice is hard, because most make me look like i have giant insect eyes, like the oversized sunglasses that are trending.

I just can't figure out my face shape! Am i a mix?

I am overthinking this way too much, but i am going to get my hair cut on Saturday, and as i have only ever left the salon satisfied ONE time in my life, i like to research a lot beforehand..
I really want some kind of bangs. And apparently, the shape of your face can say a lot about what kinds of bangs will look good on you. And i agree. I tried blunt bangs once, did NOT look good. I tried heavy, curved bangs once, and i loved them when i had my hair down, but when i tied it up, my face looked really chubby.

Aah.. please just give me your opinion on my face shape. I think that is what i really need. Or, maybe i dont have a real face shape, as i do want to loose like 5-10kg. That would probably change it.

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  • lol your face reminds my face but i don't know about any face style xD Your face looks cute don't overthink about it.


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  • I can't figure out my face shape too. I think you are a mix of square and oblong :)

    • Thank you for the kind reply. :D Hmm.. if i were to say, i would think you are diamond shaped (just from your profile pic). ^^

    • Sorry, I didn't notice your reply before. Thanks for MHO 😚 you're welcome. Thanks for help too. Can be true actually 😀

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  • When I looked at your pics - The first face shape that came to mind was oval.

  • I don't know really but who cares? You are kinda CUTE ! ;-)

  • you look gorgeous thats it

  • Seems like a Diamond. You can try Face Shape Meter app to check it out.

  • In your first picture you look like Bryce Dallas Howard

    • Had to google that, thought it was a guys name xD
      But thank you, i take that as a compliment. She is a beautiful woman :)

    • Yeah it is definitely a compliment😆

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