What are the best shoe brands for wide feet?

Apologies for the foot pic - had to be done. I don't want people to confuse normal feet for wide feet...

These are wide feet, people:


  • Clarks?
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  • No idea...
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Not athletic shoes - business, professional shoes.


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  • The best you can do is find a really large shoe shop not too far away.
    There's probably no such thing as a brand for wide feet, but some brands may have shoes available for wide feet.
    And in a shop where they have 2000 pairs in stock, good chance that you'll find "the pair" :D

    • I hope you found what you needed Sally :D
      Thanks for another MH!

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  • I picked Clarks because that is my preferred choice and I have wide feet - I just googled there seemed to be brand specific info rather than a market review link - I think in things like this go to shoe shops and try them on, don't gamble by ordering online.

  • Prepare for the foot fetishists

    • Ugh... I know... But they won't have anything constructive to say... so I can ingore them.

What Girls Said 2

  • I wear DCs. After my mother gave me her old ones and I liked them, I got a new pair that I wear every day. They aren't always wide enough when you buy them, but they'll feel comfortable after a couple days.

    As for professional shoes, I'm not sure. My mother would wear her DCs to work, but that is because she's a bartender and the shoes don't matter that much.

  • Nike is what I do and I have super wide feet