On avarage, do you think that women wearing revealing clothing is more beneficial to men (attracted to women), or the women wearing the clothes?

Benefits for men:
Pleasure of seeing hotness

Benefits for women:
Perhaps a self-esteem boost
Hopefully being more likely to have men serve/do things for her

Disadvantages for women:
Possibly increased catcalling/sexual-harassment
Resentment from other women
Possibly receiving less respect
Attracting men who will want to fuck & dump her. Meanwhile most men don't want to be in committed relationships with women who dress too scantily clad.

Disadvantages for men:
Guilt, if religious
Having to try not to stare, & experiencing social reparations if they do stare
Sadness that they'll probably never be able to have sex with such hotness

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  • more beneficial for men by far
  • more beneficial for men
  • equally beneficial for men and women
  • more beneficial for the women
  • more beneficial to the women by far
  • it's disadvantageous. equally disadvantageous to the men and women
  • it's neither
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I meant *average lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • A lot of girls say that they want to wear it because it gives them confidence and makes them feel good. As I've read on here on other questions that were similar in the past. And I'm a Guru! So I've seen a lot of questions.

    • Yep, women do it for themselves and fashion lol Or even to impress other girls... guys' opinions can be kind of irrelevant.

Most Helpful Girl

  • beneficial for both


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  • I'm religious however looks on a girl matter a lot to me, if she isn't slender in shape and having a cute face I'm not into her period as I have high standards however those standards are also on personality and if a girl is revealing a lot chances are her morals don't align with mine.

  • I love it because I think revealing clothes are great on a woman, given my preference and her appearance, of course... but then, revealing clothes for her could be less so than that, and more of a wardrobe adjustment, say a light and short skirt on a summer day, that has more to do with comfort than displaying her figure...

  • it has benefits for men because it allows you to easily figure out who the superior woman is and who the inferiors are in terms of physical fitness.

  • It probably works out equal - I personally prefer a classy less revealing look but to each their own

  • I guess it depends on how much girls mind the side effects coming with it.

  • Catcalling? hahahahahahahahahaha, i love how this is painted as a dire problem women face.

    • Anyway more beneficial, being a "sexual object" is literally the biggest advantage the female gender has, bateman's principle and the sort, yet women complain about it (could be the fat or ugly women that complain as they can't take advantage of it).

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    • men are only nice to women bc they want sex? I don't know i have a gay friend who is a female supremacist and is nice to women

    • Men are only nice to women to get sex? well... mostly. A gay guy who is a female supremacist will be in a very small minority.

  • I know I love seeing it!

  • it's disadvantageous. equally disadvantageous to the men and women

  • Pretty woman can get attention and favors without having to wear revealing clothing. Despite animal impulses urging otherwise it does not help men to see scantily clad women. If you have a wife or girlfriend then you get to look at her anything else is just lust. The interaction you have with most women is going to be about something other than sex. Like a coworker, classmate, teacher, or some service. It does not benefit women or men to be thinking how hot every person you see is.


What Girls Said 2

  • Honestly wearing something sexy is a huge confidence boost if your already pretty aware your attractive. At least for me it is and then its beneficial to guys as well

  • Women because women wear those clothes for themselves and no one else. We don't care what men think when we wear revealing clothes.

    • How do they wear it for themselves?

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    • @Ephemera1 no they haven't. I have my own fashion sense. I don't shave and I don't wear underwear. I do what I please.

    • @strengthinnumbers Idt its solely about what men think? I have a girl friend who loves to wear tight-fitting and revealing clothes and I can tell my other female friends dont really like her cuz of that