Men! I need a GOOD shaver for my face?

So I've tried like 4 shavers (shit you buy at cvs or walmart) with the little attachments and shit to control how much you cut from your beard/stache. The problem is no matter which attachment I use its like i dont have a fucking attachment on it! it just shaves all the way to the bottom. so i have to trim my beard with the shaver just naked and hope i dont fuck it up. does anyone know of a specific brand/model thats worked great for you i could order from amazon or something?


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  • Shaving Cream and Hand Razor, Triple Edge, is the Best from the Rest.
    Sure, Guys use this Do-Hickey thing Called an "Electric Razor," but Nothing Gets as Close as this Here, dear.
    Just my Own Personal Opinion from Someone, hun, who uses This on Her silky Legs.
    Good luck, @Kaazsz xx

    • Im talking about trimming my beard not shaving it off! I was in the military im done shaving! Lol

    • Your silky lefs souns very nice though

    • lol!!! Oh, wow, second "Bad" today for this Miffy Master.
      Okay, well, trim but an electric razor is no good, so maybe a little scissors to do this job beter. Or barber when you go for a Trim.
      Thanks, and yes, just the other nite, I shaved in the shower. Thanks for the nice reply. xx

  • Get the an electric trimmer used for styling to easily be more precise, if that's what you want. When looking for a brand, you should buy one that's popular, because generally well known brands have better quality. Braun is a pretty common brand. Braun Cruzer series include a thin precision trimmer and a bigger trimmer for the beard. Phillips is a good one to try as well.


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